American Idol judge Simon Cowell has made a groveling apology to rocker Ozzy Osbourne for calling his near-fatal quad bike crash a "publicity stunt".

Despite the singer sustaining serious injuries in the accident on his Buckinghamshire, England estate in December (03), the outspoken music mogul suggested Ozzy had staged to incident to promote his single with daughter KELLY, CHANGES.

However, Cowell has now written a letter to Ozzy apologising for his comments.

He explains, "I'm writing to you to apologise. When I made the comment about Ozzy's quad-bike accident I only had a little bit of information and thought he only had minor injuries.

"When I realised it was much more serious, I felt absolutely dreadful. My comment certainly wasn't malicious and I do hope Ozzy is doing OK now. Again, I'm very sorry for speaking out of turn."

04/02/2004 09:12