Angel Reed was recently picking up the former couple's daughter from the singer's home and reportedly became angry when Maroulis began recording her on his phone camera.

According to, Reed claimed she grabbed Maroulis' phone and he threw her down on to the ground. Reed subsequently called the police, but when they arrived she was arrested because they found scratches on his chest. She reportedly claimed she scratched him in self-defence, but was still booked.

This isn't the first time the couple has hit the headlines following an alleged physical altercation - in August (15), the former Rock of Ages star was arrested amid allegations he kicked Reed during an argument. After posting bail, he denied her claims, insisting he was acting in self-defence, and subsequently won an order of protection against Reed.

He was also slapped with a restraining order by his ex and busted days later for allegedly ignoring the no-contact ruling and accidentally copying Reed on an email exchange intended for his lawyers.

However, the assault charges were dismissed in September (15) after the couple agreed to separate as part of a plea agreement.