Colton Dixon was picking up the pieces of his elimination from American Idol on the 'Today' Show recently, the good looking singer possessing the unfortunate luck of being shown the exit on his first - and only - week in the bottom two.
"I was shocked that I went home because I had never been on the bottom," Colton told the show, "But that's the way it happens sometimes. You've got to roll with it." The star went on to reflect on the chance that it might have been his version of Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance' that was his downfall. "Not musically or what I wore or anything like that," he insisted, continuing "but I think the message behind the song isn't something that I related to, which in turn was something that America couldn't relate to either. I think that hurt me."
However if you thought that was going to be the end of the road for Dixon you'd have another thing coming, and the burgeoning star has big plans for himself. "This year is critical," he explained. "It's always the most critical year for an 'Idol' contestant because everyone's curious what you do. I'm going to write until my fingers bleed and see what comes out on the record. It's definitely going to be faith-based, inspirational music."