First American Idol victor Kelly Clarkson is urging film critics to stay away from her new movie - because she guarantees they'll hate it.

The MISS INDEPENDENT singer and American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini appear together in From Justin to Kelly, which is set to hit cinema screens on Friday (20JUN03).

But no advance screenings have been held for critics - normally seen in industry circles as a sign bosses of the flick fear the critics will pans it - and Clarkson is sure they will.

She says, "I can tell you right now that none of the critics are gonna like this movie. They like stuff like In The Bedroom.

"They're gonna want to tear into it because all people like to do is build something up to tear it down. This movie shouldn't be screened by the critics because it's not for them - it's for the fans."

16/06/2003 21:15