US singer KELLY CLARKSON struggled with an eating disorder after being turned down by music bosses, before she found fame on American Idol.

The SINCE U BEEN GONE star was determined to slim down after she lost out at an audition to a less talented rival, simply because of her weight.

She says, "When I was younger, I tried out for a part and this other girl beat me who was not as musically gifted as me.

"She couldn't really sing, but she was beautiful and they wanted her for the part. That really upset me and I had a time for a while when I didn't eat a lot because it was disturbing and I was so young... but I snapped out of it pretty quick.

"It was only for about six months. I'm a very spiritual person and I believe that God has so much more to offer than that kind of Hollywood life.

"I feel sorry for girls who have that because I totally understand where they are coming from. But at the same time, it's almost like, 'Get over your insecurity and move on.'

"I work out with people from my label. People want you to look a certain way and that's great if you enjoy doing that kind of thing. But I just think you are who you are and millions of people love me the way I am."