Susan Boyle, the Scottish spinster who became an overnight international sensation following her initial appearance on ITV's Britain's Got Talent , presented another stunning performance on the show Sunday night, receiving a standing ovation from both the studio audience and the three-judge panel. Her rendition of Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Memory" from Cats was immediately posted on the Internet, where it had been viewed nearly 25 million times by midday today (Monday). That already is a figure nearly as large as the number of viewers for last week's American Idol finale. Boyle appeared to clutch her stomach as she sang the first notes of the song slightly off key, but she quickly recovered. Asked by one of the show's hosts if she felt under tremendous pressure by all the attention paid to her since her initial appearance, she replied, "What pressure? I've really enjoyed myself here tonight." Judge Piers Morgan told her, "When the world was going through a pretty tough time and was looking for a bit of hope and inspiration, along came Susan Boyle to provide it." New episodes of Britain's Got Talent is scheduled to air every night this week, during which the finalists will be narrowed down to ten, who will compete against one another in a grand finale on Saturday.