JERMAINE JONES has been disqualified from 'American Idol' because of his undisclosed criminal record.

The former talent show contestant was axed from the competition due to his undisclosed criminal record - which featured four active warrants out for arrest - and he was confronted by executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and KEN WARWICK on last night's (14.03.12) episode.

He explained: "I was nervous, I didn't want to get judged. I didn't want to get penalised for anything that happened in the past."

But the producers assured Jermaine they were "not judgemental at all" and eventually told the disappointed contestant: "We're not allowed to have anyone with an active warrant against them, and you have four."

Jermaine was gallant in defeat and made sure he shook the producers' hands before he left the show.

He then said: "Thank you so much for the opportunity and everything."

The move came after Nigel and Ken insisted they had to be careful because he had lied about his past and there cold be further charges out there that they "just don't know about".

They told "There might be other false names and other charges out there that we just don't know about."