American Idol moves into its season ten finale tonight, with two country singers vying for this year's crown. 16-year-old Lauren Alaina and 17-year-old Scotty Mccreery gave their final performances during last night's show, with the former gaining the evening's only standing ovation, reports Reuters.
Alaina wowed the Idol audience with her rendition of 'Like My Mother Does', and Jennifer Lopez commented, "With that song you may have just won". Rocker Steven Tyler echoed the praise, saying, "You are it in my eyes". However, despite the judge's feedback, MCCreery has been predicted as the clear winner by, which measures the busy signals on telephones used to cast votes and text messages. The system is considered to be less reliable since online voting was introduced, but is still regarded as a solid barometer of the general 'Idol' consensus., who called Tuesday's show "a super-boring affair" for those not familiar with country music, also called it for MCCreery based on his overall showing during the last five months.
American Idol has been one of Fox's highest rated shows since its launch in 2002, however, according to early viewing figures from last night, audiences favoured the Dancing With The Stars final on ABC.