It was Group Week on last night's episode of American Idol ; a chance for the hopeful contestants to prove that they can work well in harmony with other singers. And it proved to be a night of drama. Amy Brumfield, who had been labelled 'tent girl' for the simple fact that she lived in a tent was one of the main focuses of last night's episode. She auditioned in an earlier episode, with a rendition of Alicia Keys 'Superwoman,' wearing an outfit that her boyfriend's mother had put together, telling reporters "I've never been dressed this nice before in my entire life."
Despite impressing Jennifer Lopez and her fellow judges in that first audition, Brumfield failed to impress them in the group performance of Boston's 'More Than A Feeling.' E! Online reports that Brumfield felt the brunt of the rejection, saying "I've been to hell and back so many times, people can't even relate. I forced myself, for nothing! I'm just going to have to let that door shut and hope a million more open."
On last week's show (February 8, 2012), Symone Black collapsed onstage and fell to the floor, knocking her head in the process. This week, a similar incident occurred when Imani Handy - who has already collapsed earlier in the day - fainted onstage during her group's rendition of 'Son of a Preacher Man.' The judges decided that she simply couldn't handle the pressure of the show and sent her home.