It was the end of the line for Skylar Laine on Thursday's American Idol results show (May 3, 2012), with the Mississippi singer taking her final bow after receiving the smallest share of the 60 million viewer votes. However, it was 16-year-old contestant Jessica Sanchez who made the headlines, with some of the judges airing disapproval at her risque outfit the previous night.
According to Fox News, Jessica's tight white bandage dress and high heels was a little too much for Jimmy Iovine, who said, "That dress was too mature for her.I believe there were a lot of people at home last night who felt uncomfortable". The mogul suggested the outfit made her performance of Proud Mary "burlesque", adding, "Stylists - what are you doing? You're torpedoing this girl". Sanchez's mentor Jennifer Lopez defended the racy look, saying, "The heels are very high and everything.That might be a lot for certain people to swallow across Middle America. We're in show business-we have a whole different standard. It's more acceptable here", though Randy Jackson remained unconvinced, saying, "It was a little over the top". However, one thing the judges could all agree on was that the final four was the strongest American Idol has seen for some time, with Steven Tyler telling the finalists, "The Top Five has never been better than this - never.Thank you for letting us feel your music".
With Skylar Laine falling at the final hurdle, Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and frontrunner Joshua Ledet will fight it out for this year's title.