American Idol judge Randy Jackson has reportedly undergone gastric bypass surgery in an attempt to lose weight.

America's INSIDE EDITION is reporting that Jackson, 46, underwent a procedure called the Fobi Pouch earlier this month (JUL03) at the CENTER FOR THE SURGICAL TREATMENT OF OBESITY in Southern California.

DR BASIL FELAHY explains, "The patients who undergo this kind of procedure are usually morbidly obese. By giving (the patient) a small pouch which is going to be his stomach from now on, the main stomach and bowel attached to it is bypassed."

While Jackson hasn't confirmed the surgery, he did release a statement to TV's E! NEWS LIVE on Friday (18JUL03) saying, "I have taken serious steps to improve my health over the past few weeks, so I may appear lighter very soon.

"I want to resume my Speedo modelling career."

Jackson, who co-judges American Idol with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, is expected to return for the show's third installment in January (04).

20/07/2003 21:22