The race to become this year's American Idol has narrowed to three contestants. Last night (May 10, 2012), Hollie Cavanagh bowed out of the race graciously, with a rendition of 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. As she sang, the remaining contestants, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez watched on; Joshua wept, though he'll be sure to compose himself before the next round. He's one of the favourites to win and with Hollie gone, he's one step closer to the prize.
The public had made their feelings known, with almost 70 million votes having been cast after Wednesday's performances. It seemed clear that Joshua and Jessica would be safe, if the judges' comments were anything to go by but of course, the singers need to win the public's heart as well as those of the professionals sat on the panel in front of them. 18 year-old Cavanagh didn't manage to get the same level of praise from the judges on Wednesday that her competitors did. It was felt that she wasn't able to portray the same depths of emotions as some of her fellow contestants and essentially, that became her downfall, as she bid farewell to the show and to the fans that had supported her thus far.
Jennifer Lopez performed her new song 'Dance Again' on the show last night, stepping from the judges' panel to the stage to show the young-uns how it's done. David Cook - who won Season 7 of American Idol - also performed, singing his track 'The Last Song I'll Write For You.'