This week's American Idol finale might have been a great day in the life of Phillip Phillips, but it wasn't such a proud moment for the show's producers. MTV News reports that the 2012 season finale drew in an all-time low of 21.3 million viewers. It's the smallest number of viewers that an American Idol final has ever attracted, which will most likely mean that the show's producers will be on the hunt for some way of boosting figures in 2013.
The word on the street is that Jennifer Lopez will be busy concentrating of her singing career and it's looking increasingly unlikely that she'll return to the judging panel next year. When she and Steven Tyler joined the show last season, they were largely credited with picking up the ratings, so it could be that a change in personnel is just what the show needs. According to the Mtv article, the show received a record high of 132 million votes, but that's not necessarily what keep the TV network bosses happy.
21.3 million viewers is roughly half of the viewer total that the 2003 finale drew in and is a huge step down from the 29.3 million that tuned in to watch Scott Mcreery take the crown last year. American Idol may have started the season as the number 1 show on Us Tv but it is fast slipping from its crown.