Eighties pop star-turned-American Idol judge Paula Abdul is set to launch her first fragrance after realising she has a good nose for a hit smell. The Straight Up singer has partnered with noses at perfume firm Fermenich to create her new scent Sexy Thoughts. She admits she only agreed to release the perfume after spraying it on her and taking it for a test smell - and getting a string of compliments. She says, "It's fun, it's flirty, it's chic. It's sexy... It totally captures the spirit of who I am." Abdul jokes she is now looking for a series of nasty smells so she can play a prank on music mogul pal and fellow Idol judge Simon Cowell. She tells U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood, "In the middle of coming up with my fragrance line, I asked the question, 'By any chance do you have anything that smells like cat pee, and cow poop and, like, farts?' "I want to put those elements - the cat pee, the horse poop and fart - in a bottle, and call it Ode to Simonella. I'm going to put it together and I'm going to surprise him next season, and douse it all over the chair (he's sitting on)."