LATEST: American Idol judge Paula Abdul insists she behaved strangely during a series of TV appearances last week (ends12JAN06) due to audio difficulties during the live interviews. The 44-year-old was promoting the upcoming season of the reality competition on a local Seattle, Washington TV station when she appeared to slur her words, sway in her seat and wink at the anchors. Abdul appeared on THE TONIGHT SHOW last night (15JAN07) in an effort to clear up reports she was intoxicated. When host Jay Leno asked her about her appearances, which have been widely circulated on the internet, she explained, "I did a big week of press all last week in New York, and, on the third day, I did one of those press junkets, where you're in that one little room and you're looking at one camera and there are 30 cities talking into your ear. "I guess Alabama was in my ear and so was Seattle at the same time. So I'm answering questions to the wrong answers of the cities. "So they're going, 'What the heck... what is she saying?'" The STRAIGHT UP singer laughed off the incidents adding, "(It was) not my fault! I was having fun. I answered the right questions in one of the cities!"