Our Family Wedding displays all the elements of one of those new-and-improved sitcoms, contrived to be edgy, that make it onto the broadcast schedule at the beginning of every season and are canceled around the sixth episode, critics suggest. "You almost miss the laugh track," Roger Ebert writes in the Chicago Sun-Times . He calls it "a pleasant but inconsequential comedy." The film even stars a couple of sitcom actors -- Ugly Betty 's America Ferrera and Lance Gross of Tyler Perry's House of Payne. They deserve better than this, most critics agree. The movie, writes Betsy Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times , won't be the one "that proves Ferrera can make the transition to big-screen star." Gross comes off somewhat better. Wesley Morris writes in the Boston Globe that Gross "is charismatic, good-looking, and sexy in a way that's shocking lately for a man in a Hollywood movie. At some point, he gazes down at Ferrera, and, yes, there's love in his eyes. There's also real want in them, which a pitiful number of Gross's peers lack in the presence of a woman." Morris is one of the few critics who grants Our Family Wedding a passing grade. The rest would agree with Lou Lumenick in the New York Post who describes the movie as "a cringeworthy, unfunny example of a culture-clash romantic comedy." And John Anderson concludes in the Washington Post " Our Family Wedding 's premise is so thin that the film can't help but expire halfway through its more than 100 minutes. We get much more wedding than we need, and not nearly enough reasons to say 'I do.'"