America Ferrera hasn't started planning her wedding yet - because she has been so busy with work.

The actress - who got engaged to director Ryan Piers Williams in June - hasn't got anything in place for her big day yet because both she and Ryan have been busy shooting new movie 'The Dry Land' in Iraq.

America - who stars in the film about war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which was written and directed by her fiance - said: "If there is a scale between 0 and 10, I'm at like negative 10! I haven't gone there and am not thinking about it. We got engaged and then left for Iraq the next day."

Although traditionally weddings are focused on the brides, the 26-year-old star insists she and Ryan will both play an equal role in organising the nuptials.

She added to People: "We both talk about it. It's so crazy because right now the only thing I'm sure of is that there will be a cake and music!"

The couple may not yet be married but America says the pair already feel as if they've had a child together - because 'The Dry Land' is Ryan's "baby".

She said: "It's certainly his baby, and I feel like I've been here to get to witness it. It's a little bit like he had the pregnancy and I'm holding his hand."