Amelle Berrabah is obsessed with Bikram yoga.

The Sugababes singer admits her toned figure is down to her love for the unusual workout sessions - which consist of a series of body-contorting postures performed in temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit - which make her "sweat like mad".

She told Closer magazine: "It's amazing - it's yoga but in a heated room like a sauna. You sweat like mad and all the toxins pour out of you! I swear by it and I think I'm looking pretty good at the moment."

Amelle is not the only star to enjoy exercising in suffocating conditions, with celebrities including Lily Allen, Jim Carrey, and even Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore admitting their love for the work out.

Demi recently said: "Although Ashton and I have started Bikram yoga. You're sweating so badly, you realise very quickly that no one cares what you look like, you're all just trying to get through the 90 minutes."