Amelle Berrabah's late dad has inspired the name she has chosen for her unborn daughter.

The former Sugababes star is expecting her first child with her husband Marcio Sousa Rosa and the due date is getting close.

Once the couple found out they were having a little girl, Amelle decided to call the tot Amira - which means ''Princess'' in Arabic - because that is the nickname her father, who passed away in 2002 from cancer, gave her when she was a child.

In an interview with the new issue of Closer magazine, she shared: ''My dad passed away 17 years ago from cancer, and I remember he always used to call me Amira. I've always wanted to use it as a first or middle name, and so when we found out we were having a girl, my husband said, 'It has to be Amira.' My mum is delighted and so touched. It will be a lovely way to remember him.''

Amelle, 34, has experienced all the usual side effects whilst pregnant, including food cravings and occasional mood swings, and she has felt guilty on occasions after berating her supportive spouse Marcio.

She said: ''My husband has been amazing throughout all of it, my emotions have been a little up and down. I've texted him saying, 'You don't care about me, you didn't get me Wagamama's!' I think about it afterwards and say, 'Was that even me?! But it's been great - it's a very exciting roller coaster.''

Admitting she sometimes feels like a ''Teletubby'' because of her huge bump, the 'Never Leave You' singer added: ''I have blown up a bit. Sometimes I feel like a Teletubby; I have to roll on my side and get on all fours just to get up. I've got a big bump and cellulite but I'm happy inside. I don't think I'm fat. I'm not going to weight myself and worry about it. I've probably gained this weight because in the first few months of pregnancy I was ravenous all the time.''