Amelle Berrabah is planning to have a second wedding.

The former Sugababes singer's marriage was the hot topic of conversation last year when divorce rumours began to swirl but she's adamant that was never the case and she and Marcio Sousa Rosa are so loved up that they're planning another ceremony later this year with their family.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''It's funny how we were suddenly getting divorced when it wasn't even an issue. That was never the case. We're still together, still happily married, still got my ring.

''Maybe it's my fault because when I get asked about my personal life, I don't comment so I don't set the record straight. It's annoying but it's the industry. I try not to take it personally and that's why I pick and choose what I do, who I talk to and what I say. Thinking about it, we don't even concern ourselves with it to be honest because luckily he knows what the industry is like. We just get on with life.

''We got married very very soon after he proposed. There's due to be a second marriage because my Moroccan Jewish family won't let us go without a massive party.''

The couple got hitched in a low-key ceremony in Mauritius just six days after Marcio popped the question during a trip to the exotic island in October 2014 and are now keen to throw a celebratory bash surrounded by their relatives.

She explained: ''It's a beautiful thing because we got that moment of privacy but then you get that whole big family thing as well. It'll be like a party - the celebration of our wedding - and that'll hopefully be towards the end of this year. Even last year we tried to do it but we were too busy.''

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old beauty is desperate to have children with her beau but only when the time is right.

She added: ''I love babies, I love kids. I would definitely like to have them in the future but I'm not ready yet.''