British pop star Amelle Berrabah dislocated her ankle when she jumped for joy after completing a tricky gymnastics move for a new reality Tv show.

The former Sugababes singer signed up for the first season of Bbc show Tumble, in which celebrities compete against each other to become the most flexible athlete.

Berrabah struggled to cope with the rigorous gym routines and muscle-sapping floor work, but the most serious setback came when she leaped for joy to celebrate perfecting a difficult manoeuvre and dislocated her left ankle.

She tells Tv show Good Morning Britain, "It's quite intense and I think it was really a shock to the system. I knew it would be hard and it would be a real challenge for us all but it's really intense."

Showing off her heavily bandaged ankle, she adds, "I landed something that I couldn't do, basically. I done it (sic) and I started jumping up and down in excitement, and literally it just went 'pop' and I fell on the floor. Since then it's done it a few times so I keep having to have it strapped now. It's the most extreme pain, I can't explain it to you."

Tumble launches in the U.K. on Saturday (09Aug14).