Amelle Berrabah feels "cleansed" after her recent stint in a clinic.

The Sugababes singer - who was omitted to a centre last month after the pressures of the band's recent line-up change took their toll - is feeling great after her three-week stay in an Austrian clinic, which she says was to help with her confidence problems.

She said: "I'm really good. I'm happy happy! Haha! I heard I went to some depression clinic. It wasn't a clinic. It's a place in Austria where you cleanse your mind, body and spirit. You can walk around in your dressing gown day and night, you don't have to wear make-up, no one's judging you. I spoke to a life coach and sorted myself out a little bit."

The 25-year-old beauty began to feel out of sorts after the constant criticism became too "cut-throat" for her to handle.

She explained Britain's Times newspaper: "I needed to get my confidence back. It can be very cut-throat, you need a thick skin. People criticise you a lot, dissect you bit by bit, your looks, your vocals, your skin, what you're wearing!"

The Sugababes recently altered their line-up, with Jade Ewen joining Amelle and Heidi Range following The Departure of Keisha Buchanan - the final remaining original member of the trio - amid allegations she had bullied Amelle.

Amelle admits her treatment has caused her to reassess how she lets others treat her.

She explained: "If I could turn back time, I would have made it clear not to speak to me in certain ways or treat me in certain ways. I would have put a stop to that a long time ago.

"But I'm grateful to Heidi and Jade for understanding, and grateful to the label. Three weeks is a b***dy long time, especially in this industry."