Amelia Lily has come down with illness ahead of the weekend's big 'X Factor UK' finale at Wembley Arena, London. The 17 year-old is currently under enormous pressure following allegations that the competition is fixed in her favour, and the UK's Sun newspaper reports that she is now suffering from exhaustion, strained vocals and laryngitis.

Fix allegations ensued yesterday (December 6, 2011) after music retailer HMV made a link available to buy her "winning" single even though it had not done so for the competition's two other finalists Little Mix and Marcus Collins. This, coupled with a prominent role for Lily in the X Factor's Marks & Spencer's television advert have led to an outcry from sections of the media and general public meaning that should she win this weekend there'll forever be a question mark over the result. Lily had initially been booted out of the show in week one, only returning when Frankie Cocozza left the competition owing to an alleged drugs scandal.

With all that on her plate it's understandable that the wannabe might be a little fatigued, and a source close to her told the newspaper "She's been under the most amount of pressure out of anyone and she's just 17. She is fiercely ambitious but she hasn't had the chance to grow up yet. Her voice is her biggest weapon but this week singing has started to hurt and she's worried. It's stress on top of stress." It could be a raspy final all around, with Marcus Collins also reported to be ill, he too has a throat problem.