Amelia Lily has found herself at the centre of unwanted controversy with the 'X Factor UK' final just days away, as it turns out copies of her 'winning' single were made available on British music outlet Hmv's online website. The two other finalists Marcus Collins and Little Mix were nowhere to be seen. Fix? Who knows, the scandal spread all over Twitter and the link to the CD/download release has since been taken down.
The week before the 'X Factor' finals is traditionally a time of rumours and high speculation in the press, and this year's no different. Gary Barlow protege Marcus Collins has already suffered his fair share of tabloid spotlight this week after he was pulled from duetting with his mentor at London's Royal Albert Hall tonight (December 6, 2011), with concern inevitably rising about his physical state to perform at the final. Lily herself has already come under fire for her prominent role in a recent television advert for department chain Marks & Spencer , reports the UK's Daily Mirror. All of this means that even if Little Mix are hot favourites to win the contest there would be few surprised if they didn't.
A fixed result would most likely infuriate judge Barlow, whose made no secret in recent weeks of his disillusionment with the show; most recently telling the Mirror, "I think at this point the reason I'm not particularly enjoying it is I don't feel I'm in control of it. Maybe I'll never feel like that. It's a totally bloody new thing for me." Such an outcome might well seal his fate.