Amelia Lily is too afraid to disobey her mum.

Although the singer wanted nothing more than a tattoo for her 18th birthday, she would never break her mother's trust by getting inked behind her back.

She lamented: ''My mum absolutely despises tattoos. I've been begging her for the past three years, on my hands and knees, to get one. She's completely against them. As much as I want one, I couldn't do it to her.''

The 'You Bring Me Joy' hitmaker also admitted her parents have control over her money and she runs her purchases past them afterwards, while her older brother does her food shopping for her.

''Well, my mum and dad are in charge of my money, I like it that way. They can keep me from not spending too much money. I don't need their permission to buy stuff but I'll tell my mum anyway.

''My brother does [my food shopping] for me! We live together and he drives, so it's easy for him. He's my loving brother.''

Amelia confessed the only extravagant purchase she has splashed out on since her music career took off is her pet pooch Elsie, who she likes to kit out with only the best doggy accessories.

She smiled: ''She's the best thing I've ever got. She's a Chihuahua and gorgeous. I bought a carry home for her because I think the handbags are cruel for dogs. I'm really against animal cruelty so Elsie's got her portable house which is more spacious.''