Amelia Lily has a phobia of mushrooms.

The 'You Bring Me Joy' singer has revealed an unfortunate encounter with a raw fungi as a child has ''mentally disturbed'' her for life and even though it takes a lot to scare the self-confessed horror fan, being in close proximity with a mushroom always makes her cry.

She told We Love Pop magazine: ''I'm scared of mushrooms! They look like snails and they're grown in poo! If I come across one somebody has to flick it off my plate otherwise I cry.

''When I was younger I grabbed a raw one and bit into it. It's mentally disturbed me.''

The 18-year-old pop star also admitted she would love to come back from the dead to haunt her ex-boyfriend and play cruel pranks on him because he treated her so badly when they were together.

Amelia - who shot to fame on 'The X Factor' in 2011 - said: ''He was an idiot to me. I'd punch him in the face! Only joking. I'd just freak the living dead out of him! I'd pull the TV off his wall and throw it.''