Former JOAN OF ARCADIA star Amber Tamblyn has used her creative skills to write a book of poetry.

The 22-year-old actress has just released FREE STALLION, which deals with politics, feminism and the way she's been "made to feel in Hollywood" with pressures and fears.

And Tamblyn admits that the biggest pressure of all is impressing fans with such a personal piece of work.

She says, "Acting is not all yours. You're taking something someone else wrote and reinventing it. Writing is scarier because you have to own it completely. With this, if people don't like it, I have no excuse."

Renowned poet JACK HIRSCHMAN, Tamblyn's mentor, wrote the book's foreword, which reads, "These works are not from a hobby of crumbs left over from a loaf of fame and offered as a supplement to Amber Tamblyn, superstar. These poems are the real thing."