Amber Rose says wearing wigs is ''not comfortable''.

The 33-year-old model adorned a long, peroxide blonde false hair piece and a superhero ensemble during the Third Annual Amber Rose SlutWalk, but the star has revealed she is ''not used'' to wearing the hair accessory.

Speaking about her attire to Us Weekly, the American star said: ''They're [wigs] not comfortable and I'm not used to them. I kind of wanted to have the whole superhero vibe with my hair today and it's fun.

''I'm willing to be here in a superhero Captain Save-A-Hoe outfit to be controversial and bring awareness to what's really going on.

''SlutWalk is a day where you can be whoever you want to be and be comfortable in that.''

Amber - who has four-year-old son Sebastian with her former partner Wiz Khalifa - believes women are constantly ''treated unfairly'', and she has been subject to her fair share of negative experiences, but she is ''willing to take the punches'' in a bid to help women feel empowered.

She continued: ''I think as females in general we get treated unfairly. I've experienced it firsthand, I still do, but I'm willing to take the punches for women.''

Amber has experimented with a variety of wigs over the years, as she also adorned a long, brown-haired piece at the MTV VMA's this year, although the star opted for a darker hair shade, she has revealed she has ''always wanted'' to have blonde her.

Speaking about her preferences, she said: ''I always wanted to be a blonde my entire life. I love blonde hair, so that was pretty easy for me to decide.''

And Amber's beau 21 Savage - whose real name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph - has no qualms about Amber's appearance and fully supports her in ''everything'' she sets her mind to.

Speaking about her boyfriend, she said: ''He's here and he's supporting me. He loves everything that I do. I continue to educate him every day and his team and his friends. They're really absorbing the knowledge and they're all here today.''