Amber Rose's house was broken into whilst she slept.

The 33-year-old model's home in the San Fernando Valley was targeted by a burglar on Wednesday morning (17.05.17), who broke into a kitchen window whilst she was fast asleep.

The burglar was reportedly in the property for four hours whilst Amber, her mother, her son, her assistant and her bodyguards all slept. Her assistant even got up at one point to make food when the burglar was still there.

It was only when Amber reviewed the security footage and saw the broken window that she realised someone had broken in and quickly called the police.

However, sources tell TMZ that the burglar didn't actually appear to steal anything from the house.

Meanwhile, Amber - who is a loving mother to her four-year-old son Sebastian - previously admitted she has ''a million different fears'' as a mom.

She explained: ''As a mom, you have a million different fears. You don't sleep at night. You think about all the worst things that could possibly happen to your baby, and it really sucks. I literally almost shed a tear every single time when he hugs me really tight and he says, 'Oh, Mommy, I love you so much.' I want him to do any and every thing that makes him smile and be happy forever.

''I read to Sebastian every single day when he was in my arms, and now he can articulate a sentence like no other, and he's three-years-old. He knows every big word. And every time your baby says something like, 'Oh, this is relaxing,' you be like a thesaurus and you give [them] a different way to say it every single time so they learn. I gave him a piece of strawberry gum, and he was so dramatic when I gave it to him because he said, 'Oooh, Mommy, this gum feels so therapeutic.' And I just laughed on the floor until I cried.''