Amber Rose wore a leather devil costume, inspired by Madonna, to the MTV Video Music Awards.

The 34-year-old model matched her fetish outfit to the red carpet at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Monday night (20.08.18), when she appeared in a bright red leather body suit complete with a cone bra and buckled leather upholstery.

She also wore fingerless red leather gloves and carried a large whip, completing the look with thigh-high laced heeled boots, fishnet tights and a devil half mask.

Amber sported bleached eyebrows, bright lipstick, heavily lined eyes, diamond earrings and appeared to be wearing bright blue contact lenses.

When asked about her outfit, Amber revealed she was inspired by Madonna.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: ''I was obviously inspired by Madonna and her cone bra. I love her so much!''

However, Madonna was not the only inspiration for her look and she also explained she wanted an ''intergalactic space slut vibe''.

She added to Variety: ''Obviously Madonna inspired my boobs and I went to my stylist and was like 'I want to be intergalactic space slut vibe' and this is what he came up with.''

Amber later took to Instagram to reveal that she had donned the fetish-inspired outfit in order to protest slut shaming and promote her SlutWalk event, which encourages women to embrace their sexuality.

She said: ''Hey guys, it's your girl Amber Rose, and I'm just here sitting on this soft bed, thinking about my SlutWalk this year. I want you ladies to come out and protest against rape culture, sexual violence, slut-shaming, victim-blaming and double standards. I want all the misogynistic men to be so f**king mad this year that we're not only confident in our bodies, but we're confident in our sexuality as well. Be mad, ooh, be extra mad.''