Amber Rose wants Wiz Khalifa to be the first person to touch their baby.

The 29-year-old model - who is expecting her first child with the rapper next month - is planning to give birth at her home in a pool and wants him to help pull their baby into the world.

She told Los Angeles radio show 'Big Boy's Neighbourhood': ''I don't want no medication. We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it, and we're gonna have our midwife, and when the baby's head comes out, he's gonna be Dr. Wiz. He's gonna be the first person to touch the child. No doctors, no gloves.''

Amber, who initially became famous for dating Kanye West, is looking forward to her home water birth after watching the documentary 'The Business of Being Mom', which was made by Ricki Lake.

Amber previously opened about her decision to have an all-natural birth.

She said: ''No medicine. I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomach ache or anything, I'll say, 'I popped out a baby all-natural.'''

She and Wiz, 25, are waiting until after their son or daughter is born before resuming planning their wedding.

Wiz said: ''It makes more sense for the baby to be in the wedding than for her to be pregnant. Some people, they rush and do it, but it works both ways.''

Amber added: ''Being pregnant, I'm tired a lot. So to have a wedding and planning it all out and the reception - I just don't want to be sleeping when everybody's partying at our wedding.''