The 32-year-old made the mistake of tweeting out her mobile information on the micro-blogging site and many of her three million-plus followers decided to see if the number was for real.

It appears Amber intended to send a private, direct message to someone on the social media platform, but instead offered up her personal details to the masses.

Even though the tweet was erased minutes later, many fans took it upon themselves to give her a ring.

"I just called Amber Rose and she hung up," one fan tweeted, with a second follower stating, "That better be Amber Rose real number kuz (because) I just texted her lol (laugh out loud)."

Gossip Cop reporters called the number to verify it was legitimate and then determined it was not a prank. However, fans who are now scrambling for the deleted digits needn't bother - Amber's phone has been disconnected and instead of being greeted with ringing sounds, an automated message states, "The caller you're trying to reach is not available!"

Amber's error comes weeks after the model and singer instituted a personal ban on the personal things she will speak about during future interviews, declaring talk of her ex-boyfriend Kanye West and his new wife Kim Kardashian off limits.

"Not doing it," she replied during a discussion on TV show Watch What Happens Live in October (15), when asked which of the Kardashian sisters interest her the least. "I am not talking about Kanye West or the Kardashians... They are not relevant to my life."