The glamour model, 32, launched Muva Moji, which comes with 900 racy icons, on Thursday (31Mar16). Amber was given a chunk of cash to sign on the dotted line, and according to website TMZ earned a further cut of the $2million (£1.4million) the app raked in on the launch day, a total of $4million in all.

Amber's move into emojis comes three months after the successful launch of Kim Kardashian's 'Kimojis' app.

“I’m so excited to finally launch my own emoji app! After months and months of work it’s finally ready for the world to see,” Amber said in a statement.

“I wanted to include enough content to appeal to everyone; not just my fans. The Moji team and I have come up with over 900 icons we are initially launching with and plan to update it regularly by adding more content each week.”

The former stripper has been accused of ripping off Kim's app as she has emojis of bare bottoms like the reality star, but sources close to Amber told the gossip website there was no attempt to imitate or copy, and the "big booties" and "stripper pole" emojis is a reflection of her own personality.

Amber recently bought a $4million property in Tarzana, California. And no doubt her windfall will be going towards paying for it.

Meanwhile the 32-year-old glamour model is planning her second annual SlutWalk event, which will take place later this year (16), and she has invited the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to make a speech.

Confident that Kim will appear, Amber told Us Weekly magazine, "I think that it will be a great time. If she wants to tell her story, I think that would be awesome too."

Kim is married to rapper Kanye West, who dated Amber for two years until their split in 2010, and although their relationship has been heated at times, the stars made amends in February(16).