The 32-year-old glamour model is planning her second annual SlutWalk event, which will take place later this year (16), and she has invited the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to make a speech.

Confident that Kim will appear, Amber tells Us Weekly magazine, "I think that it will be a great time. If she wants to tell her story, I think that would be awesome too."

Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J appeared in a sex tape that leaked in 2007, and many critics continue to condemn the reality star for her part in the racy footage.

Amber doesn't believe it's right to keep harping on the issue and she hopes Kim will speak at the SlutWalk to lay the scandal to rest for good.

“I think she got slut-shamed a lot, especially because of her sex tape,” she tells Us Weekly, "and I think she has a really cool story to tell, so if she went on stage and told her story and really let people know she is human, and she was in love at one time and she made a mistake, and s**t happens, and it shouldn't be the rest of her life!”

Kim is now married to rapper Kanye West, who dated Amber for two years until their split in 2010, and although the ladies' relationship has been heated at times, the stars made amends last month (Feb16).

Kim has taken a pro-sexy stance after recently receiving criticism for her sexy social media posts and on Wednesday (30Mar16), she launched her latest protest by sharing a topless photo of herself and Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski online. Both women saluted the camera with their middle fingers in the selfie, and covered their breasts with a single black bar.