Amber Rose keeps ''at least six'' sex toys beside her bed.

The 34-year-old stripper-turned businesswoman - who has five-year-old son Sebastian with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa - enjoys using a variation of raunchy gadgets from her own range with LELO because penetration doesn't always allow her to reach a full climax.

In an interview with, Amber spilled: ''I definitely have my whole line. I'd say six, at least.

''I can't just pick one. I'd say they are all my favourite. I love them all equally.

''When it comes to sex toys, you have to dive right in and it depends what you want.

''If you want penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time, we have a couple of [toys] for those.

''We have the Gigi, which is supposed to hit the G-spot. The Ora makes you feel like you're stimulating oral sex. It depends what you're into.''

The 'What Happened Last Night' actress - who recently broke up with rapper 21 Savage - thinks many women are too afraid to admit they go to sex shops and use toys because they fear being slut-shamed and branded ''disgusting''.

She said: ''Look, I feel like a lot of people will be judgmental and go to the sex shop and buy the toys, but talk s**t about the next person.

''But as humans we are sexual beings. It feels good, unless you're asexual.

''If you're a sexual person, you want to have an orgasm, you want to feel good, and there's nothing disgusting, raunchy or slutty ... there's nothing wrong with it.

''I think people put a stigma on sex toys, especially for women, that we're nasty girls.

''But penetration for us, most of the time, doesn't do the job. And we need a little extra help. There's nothing wrong with that.''

Amber - who stages annual SlutWalk protest marches calling for an end to rape culture and slut-shaming - encourages the use of sex toys and self-pleasuring because she thinks it's safer than actual sex.

Asked if she thinks Americans are too scared to talk about their sex lives, she said: ''I don't think Americans are shy. I think they're just judgmental.

''I think a lot of people use sex toys, they just don't want to admit it because they think people will frown upon it.

''But I think people actually do use them. I'm here to make people feel more comfortable with sex toys and masturbation, because it is the safest sex in the world.''