Amber Riley finds it hard being a celebrity.

The singer-and-actress is enjoying her role as sassy Mercedes Jones in 'Glee' and is delighted with its worldwide popularity but is unsure on how to deal with all the attention it has gained her.

The 24 year old said: "Not having a private life is hard. People think our lives aren't normal because I'm on television, but I am such a normal person, I really am. My friends tell me I'm the most boring celebrity they know! A typical night for me is at home in California or watching movies in my pyjamas."

She continued: "All of a sudden people knew who I was. I'm at the grocery store and someone recognises me; it's weird. You don't know how to deal with that initial attention."

Although she is finding it tough adjusting to being a celebrity, Amber is happy to be recognised and appreciates the kind words she receives from fans.

She added: "That's not to say I don't like being recognised, I actually think it's pretty cool. Seeing how much people love the show is amazing."