Glee's Amber Riley has lashed out at the Hollywood rumor mill for suggesting that her red carpet collapse earlier this week (May 1, 2012) was due to her being pregnant, or diabetic. The 26 year old was attending an Academy screening of Glee in Hollywood, MTV News reports, when she fell to the floor in front of photographers.
Riley blamed the cameras' flashes for her tumble but differing suggestions began to emerge online. On Twitter, Riley posted a few messages to her followers, so that she could set the record straight. A message posted yesterday (May 2, 2012) read "Lol. Let me stop the rumor mill right now. I'm not pregnant! Yes I'm black but I don't have diabetes, I don't starve myself to fit clothes; I buy clothes to fit ME not vice versa, I Do Not Diet; I eat right and exercise! I love myself waaaay more than I like my career. I would never ever put myself in harm's way to mirror any "image". Come on ppl. Get a life. I did get a great laugh this morning reading all the BS though lol."
She later admitted that her "noggin" was "still a little sore" and said that she was heading off for a nap and later thanked her fans again for their support. Amber plays the role of Mercedes Jones in the popular Fox Network musical show. She has been one of the main cast members since the show first aired in 2009.