Amber Le Bon isn't against wearing fur as long as the animal has had a "nice, clean death".

The British model - who has fronted campaigns for the likes of Moschino in the past - revealed she takes a pragmatic approach to wearing fur, and prefers to know how the animal has been killed before she decides whether to wear an item of clothing made from real fur.

She explained: "I do like vintage fur but I think if you're buying new fur you need to know how it's been killed. You want to know that the animal had a nice, clean death. You're not going to feel great if you know the animal has been half-dead for a week."

The 21-year-old star admitted her relaxed attitude to wearing clothes made from animal skin stems from the fact that she would rather not "waste" creatures which have already been killed.

Amber added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I don't like cruelty to animals, but I'm not a vegetarian and I'd rather be using a whole animal than wasting it."