Amber Heard wants to ''inspire'' others to make a change.

The 'Aquaman' star is keen to use her celebrity platform and international fame to raise awareness of wider issues including the work of the Syrian American Medical Society, a non-profit organisation which represents Syrian American medical professionals that provide support to Syrians in need.

Speaking about her work with SAMS, she said: ''Empathy is a remarkably selfless emotion - it requires a person to leave the comfort of their own perceived place in the world and inhabit the experience of someone else. It is an inherently frightening and disorienting state of being, one that can be extremely rewarding but also unbelievably draining. I've certainly never given anyone an injection nor do I know what to do with a stethoscope. But what I can do is use my platform and my skill as a storyteller to inspire others to take small incremental actions in support of a common cause.''

Amber previously admitted being a role model is a ''burden''.

She said: ''I feel incredibly fortunate that I'm in a position where I could be of any help. At times it's a burden to consider that your life is no longer just yours and it's not private. It can be hard to know that you can't function in full - that anonymity is no longer a valid goal and that your actions and words, whether they're done on a red carpet or in the most intimate corners of your personal life, to know that those aren't fully yours anymore. That's a difficult realisation to come to when it does hit you. It's severe but you grow and move on from that, and on balance, I take into consideration all of the incredible fortune I have being in this position. It's hard to stay mad at it for long.''