Writer and TV host iO Tillett Wright was responsible for alerting emergency services following an argument between Depp and Heard last month (May16) in which the actor reportedly threw a phone at his wife, causing a bruise on her face.

Since Heard's first accusations against Depp, from whom she has filed for divorce, there have been some outlets questioning the validity of her claims. And following a story published on TMZ.com on Monday (06Jun16), Wright decided to take to Twitter in a bid to set the record straight.

In a passionate outburst, Wright accused the world of "victim shaming" Heard, and insisted she is more than willing to speak under oath to recall her experiences of Depp's alleged abuse.

"Bulls**t. I’ve had enough," Wright began. "I saw the bruises. Many times. And the fat lip. And the cut head. How much evidence does a woman need to present?! She has photos, texts, witnesses, and filed a restraining order… This culture of victim blaming makes me sick. I’m a witness. I’m here. I’m standing up. I can’t take any more of this witch hunt."

Heard, 30, cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce papers, filed on 23 May (16). She claimed Depp, 52, assaulted her during her birthday party on 21 April (16) and then disappeared for a month. The couple allegedly fought upon his return on 21 May, and this is when Depp threw an iPhone at her, according to Heard.

Wright continued in her rant, saying she had witnessed Heard's terrifying response during the alleged assault.

"I was on the f***ing phone when he hit her," she wrote. "I HEARD HER SCREAM. I will testify. Here and in court. Under oath. WHAT ELSE DOES A WOMAN NEED?"

Heard and Depp, who is touring overseas with his rock band the Hollywood Vampires, are due to face off in court on 17 June (16).