Amber Heard and Elon Musk are enjoying a festive getaway to Chile together.

The 31-year-old actress and the Tesla CEO began dating in 2016 before parting ways in August this year, and although they recently denied a reconciliation, the pair have been spotted vacationing together in South America.

According to The Blast, that were also spotted dining out on Easter Island with friends and family.

The getaway comes after Elon, 46, admitted he was left ''hurt'' after his split from the 'Magic Mike XXL' actress.

He said: ''I just broke up with my girlfriend. It hurt bad. Well, she broke up with me more than I broke up with her, I think.''

And the entrepreneur admitted he is desperate to find love, as he hates being alone.

He added: ''I never want to be alone. That's what I would say [as a child], 'I don't want to be alone.' I will never be happy without having someone. Going to sleep alone kills me. It's not like I don't know what that feels like: Being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there - and no one on the pillow next to you. F**k.

''How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that? Is there anybody you think I should date? It's so hard for me to even meet people. I'm looking for a long-term relationship. I'm not looking for a one-night stand. I'm looking for a serious companion or soulmate, that kind of thing.''

Following their split in August, both Amber and Elon insisted they still cared deeply for each other.

Elon wrote on social media: ''Btw, just to clear up some of the press storm this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another (sic).''

And Amber said: ''Being in the public eye means having to explain yourself to so many people, so much of the time. In this case, I'd like to remain more quiet. Although we have broken up, Elon and I care deeply for one another and remain close. Thank you for the continued support, respect, and privacy during these difficult, very human times.''