The Hunger Games star, 17, made the revelation in a video on social media, in which she talks about learning to accept herself for who she is.

"As someone who identifies as a black bisexual woman, I've been through it and it hurts," she says. "It's awkward and it's uncomfortable but then I realised because of Solange (Knowles), and India Arie and Willow (Smith), and all the black girls watching this right now, there's absolutely nothing to change..."

"Here I am, being myself and it's hard and it's vulnerable and it's definitely a process that I'm learning," she adds.

Amandla's candid confession emerges a day after her Teen Vogue cover story was released.

The actress was interviewed by Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, for the magazine, and in the article, the two females bonded over their struggle to fit in as kids.

"I think that as a black girl you grow up internalizing all these messages that say you shouldn't accept your hair or your skin tone or your natural features, or that you shouldn't have a voice, or that you aren't smart," Amanda said. "I feel like the only way to fight that is to just be yourself on the most genuine level and to connect with other black girls who are awakening and realizing that they've been trying to conform."