Amanda Seyfried finds no pleasure in porn, despite portraying erotic star Linda Lovelace.

The actress plays 1970's porn star in upcoming biopic 'Lovelace', and although she found porn ''fascinating'' her portrayal of the dark side of the industry was a turn off.

She told MTV UK: ''Knowing now what Linda had gone through and what a lot of people have gone through - still, around the world today, much less so in the United States - women are coerced into it.

''Women are objectified and they'll always be objectified, unfortunately. That's the dark side of it. They don't necessarily want to be there, some of them. The idea of that is enough to turn you off completely.''

The 27-year-old, who recently admitted that she had watched Lovelace's starring role in 1972's 'Deepthroat' to prepare for her character, claims she has never watched erotic material for her own enjoyment.

She explained: ''Pornography was something, before, that was really fascinating to me, but I was uninterested in watching it, I'm pretty disconnected from that. I don't really find pleasure in watching porn, but I didn't find it to be that offensive ... but maybe I just haven't seen the offensive types of porn.''