Amanda Seyfried thinks 'Lovelace' will ''turn the tables'' on what people think of Linda Lovelace.

The 'Mamma Mia!' actress plays the lead protagonist in the forthcoming biopic - which also stars James Franco and Sarah Jessica Parker - and she admits she was shocked to find out the back-story to the star, who is best known for her role in 'Deep Throat'.

She told ''She was forced into everything! She was forced into pornography. 'Deep Throat' for her was really just an escape from her husband.

''There's so much about her that no one knows. Unless you read her autobiography, you wouldn't know. So we're turning the tables on what the public thinks - on what their idea of her is - and it's gonna be interesting.''

The 'In Time' actress reveals it is the first time she has played a real person, and it was quite different for her on set.

She said: ''It's completely different. I've never played a person who's actually existed, and that can be really tough - trying to capture someone's essence like that, and validate their story, and tell it in the way they would want you to tell it. It was such a whirlwind but the most rewarding experience of my life, for sure.''