Amanda Seyfried wishes she was born in the Seventies.

The actress admitted she fell in love with the era whilst shooting 'Lovelace' - the biopic about iconic porn star Linda Lovelace - and thinks she would have fitted right in.

Amanda told BANG Showbiz: ''Going back to the seventies in general was exciting for me. Part of me wishes I was born in the sixties and seventies so that I could really experience it.''

The biopic follows Linda's journey from being forced into the porn industry by her violent husband Chuck Traynor to becoming a feminist and anti-porn campaigner.

Despite the harrowing events featured in the film, the 27-year-old actress insists it has a positive message.

She explained: ''Oh absolutely as sad as her story is she definitely gave meaning to her life in the end she was trying to validate her existence. I think her message is why we wanted to tell the story from her point of view. So it is liberating for me to play somebody who found peace within her trauma and was able to speak out against the violence. She did have an important voice towards the end of course.''