Amanda Seyfried would never quit living in America to move to the UK.

The Pennsylvania native was previously in a relationship with British actor Dominic Cooper, who she co-starred with in 'Mamma Mia!, and spent a lot of time in London, but she insists the US is her home and she prefers coming to Britain for ''fun''.

She said: ''I have lived in London, but I don't ever want to live here again ... It's fun to visit, but I just love the north east of my country.''

The 'Lovelace' star may prefer living in the US, but it's not without its problems for her - in the past she has admitted she wished her fellow Americans would adopt the British attitude to sex in films.

She previously said: ''I would love it if Americans could only appreciate sex in film the way everyone in Europe seems to. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, it's not that big a deal. I didn't mind the nudity at all in 'Lovelace'.

''I have no problems taking my clothes off. Not that I'd ever consider doing anything like a porno at all ... Here in America, there is such a stigma attached to sex, but isn't it better than violence and making movies about people killing each other?

''Sex is the biggest part of our culture. So why aren't we talking about it in a movie?''