Amanda Seyfried wants to have a ''big wedding.''

The 'Mama Mia!' star tied the knot with her husband Thomas Sadoski in a secret ceremony last year just before they welcomed their daughter into the world, but she has admitted she'd love to have a second gathering with her friends and family in the near future to celebrate their marriage because she loves extravagant nuptials.

Speaking on an episode of The DEN Meditation's new podcast, 'DENtalks', she said: ''I love the big wedding. I mean we're married so we don't need to actually get married again, but it'd be nice to have a ceremony. I love the idea of family and friends gathering around to celebrate your love. Beautiful. Amazing.''

The 32-year-old actress wanted to get hitched with her beau before her daughter was born in March 2017 because she wanted to be able to call him her ''husband.''

She explained: ''It was just for us and there were two strangers there, this wonderful woman, and in Topanga Canyon and her husband who was so sweet, so sweet.

''He took pictures with my camera and, and then Finn [her dog] and it was just magic because we were there for an hour and it was just as we were talking to each other.

''I mean we didn't even have vows. We just stared at each other and it was really emotional and cool and it was, it was exactly, it was exactly as it should have been.''

Amanda recently admitted that she decided to elope with her partner last year after she convinced herself that the world had ''gone mad'' when the former businessman President Donald Trump won the election in 2017.

She said: ''It was one of those things where Trump had gotten elected, the world was going mad and I was like: 'This is a dream I might never wake up from. If that's the case, let's just get married.' ''