Amanda Seyfried choked on Neil Patrick Harris' moustache while filming 'A Million Ways to Die in the West'.

The 28-year-old beauty says filming scenes which involved her sucking on the end of her co-star's comedy facial hair for Seth MacFarlene's spoof western were some of the hardest of her career, and she was repulsed when the stick-on moustache came off in her mouth.

She explained during an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': ''It was awful. It's a fake moustache. That's disgusting. It [came off in my mouth] Ew. I haven't done anything harder than that. I don't want things in my mouth. I don't want someone else's DNA in my mouth.''

Met with peals of laughter from the studio audience, she stammered, ''Unless it's specific person!''

The 'Mean Girls' actress also opened up about her relationship with actor Justin Long, admitting they actually lead a very boring lifestyle.

She joked: ''We do everything together. But, we don't do much. We walk my dog. And we have, we make these smoothies in the morning they're called 'Greenies.' He got me onto that. Super healthy. And then we watch 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette'.''

Amdanda is so obsessed with her dog Finn, an adorable Australian Shepherd she takes everywhere with her, that she hadn't been on holiday in five years until she recently travelled to Florida for a week of paddle boarding and seaside fun.

She added: ''Yeah it's a big deal. I just don't wanna leave my dog at home.''