Amanda Seyfried wishes she would have signed up to play a superhero when she got the chance because her daughter is ''obsessed''.

The 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' star has revealed she turned down a role as a superhero and whilst she doesn't regret the decision, she wishes she had the chance to play one now as her daughter Nina, two, loves them.

She told MTV News: ''I turned down one once and they haven't called me back. It was a big one. I don't regret it. That's the truth because I didn't want to be painted green for six months out of every year. Do you know what I mean? ... Beautiful, beautiful stories they tell through superheroes and my daughter is really obsessed with superheroes now. Part of me wishes I had done it, and part of me is like, 'I had a life to live!' I don't think I would have been happy.''

Amanda previously confessed she wants more children.

She said: ''I just happened to get pregnant. If it happens to you, you just make it work. I want to get pregnant again, but I'm not ready just yet to have a second. I would like my daughter to be in school and then have my own time with a new baby. But it's so hard to plan.

''She's a little person. She's her own thing. She doesn't look exactly like me. She doesn't look exactly like Tommy. She looks like her. She's an individual with individual thoughts and individual dreams and nightmares. Making people is a very big responsibility, and it's so worth it.''