Amanda Seyfried had a ''better time'' feeling 'Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again' than 'Mamma Mia!'.

The 32-year-old actress has reprised her role as Sophie in the follow up to the 2008 musical comedy, alongside Meryl Streep, and the star has admitted she much preferred working on the upcoming installment than the first movie version because she loved reuniting with her co-stars after one decade.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: ''I actually had a better time than I did shooting the first movie. Everybody's back together and it's been 10 years. There's so much love and so much family that it's infused 100 times in this movie. It was so unexpected for me.''

The forthcoming production gives an insight into Meryl's character Donna Sheridan when she was younger, which is played by Lily James, and Amanda has admitted she was transfixed with the 'Cinderella' beauty when she first saw her in action.

The 'Mean Girls' star said: ''As soon as you see Lily on screen, you're like, 'Oh my God, that's Donna! I'm seeing Donna when she was wild and young and free, and she has the essence that Meryl brought to it'. And it's kind of extraordinary.''

Although Amanda loves watching the 68-year-old actress perform, and she has hailed Meryl as bringing ''so much light'' to her portrayal, she believes Lily has also given an equally ''seamless'' show.

She added: ''Of course I want to know more about Donna. She's effervescent and inspired and amazing and has such a spirit. Meryl brought such light to this character and then you see Lily playing Donna, and it's seamless.''

And Amanda believes the remakes are ''better'' than the 1999 theatre show.

She said: ''The movie's better than the original because there's a depth to it that only comes from time.''

'Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again' is slated to hit the big screens on July 20, 2018.